Brothers of the Holy Family

Congregation of Religious Brothers in Philippines

Brothers in community

Life in a community means taking pleasure in sharing with other Brothers.

The same passion for God, the same desire to serve, selflessly, and with respect and gen­erosity,

as we meet stresses and strains of everyday life and work.

The Brothers compose a family-community where each individual is welcomed, encouraged, loved and helped.

Time is set aside each day - as well as longer periods during the year - for getting together,

for talking, for re­laxation, moments when joys and problems are shared.

Anything that strengthens the bonds of fraternity is cel­ebrated: birthdays, anniversaries, study sessions...


 Novice and aspirants enjoying not just a meal...


 but life experiences!

Through reflection, gathering and sharing, Brothers help young people in their Vocational Journey


 Bro. Ed together with the community of Aspirants at San Rafael.


 Our "payag", a place for gathering, bonding and enjoying eachother's presence.